Our Sensory Stockings have launched

Babe + Babble

Wondering whether it's worth getting your baby a stocking? The answer is yes, it's totally worth it, if you make it full of sensory items that'll enthral and entertain them from Christmas to new year!

Babe + Babble founder Lu put this Sensory Stocking together for her little girl, Sylvie who will be 1 this Christmas and who clearly has no clue what Christmas or Christmas presents are but.... did love delving inso a bag, drawer or box to pull out what was inside. A collection of festive themed sensory items to pull out of a stocking seemed to make perfect sense!

This is what Sylvie will be rummaging through Christmas morning (with her Mum watching on) and you're little loves can have a rummage through all this sensory magic too.

The stockings can be bought as a pre stuffed, personalised stocking or as a collection of sensory items for you to put in your own chosen stocking.

We really hope your little ones love it as much as we do! 

Merry Christmas!

NB: All sensory items must be played with in the presence of and being watched by, an adult.

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